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We, at VJM & Associates LLP believe in offering qualitative value-added services to our clientele.  Our GST refund application process has its foundation built on comprehensive process checklists, document verification and categorisation, reconciliation with GST records and periodical follow ups and pursuing the refund application with the GST authorities.

With such comprehensive process in place, all you need is to provide us the required data, sit back and await receipt of the refund orders.  Engage us for your GST refund claims and see the difference.


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  1. Limited liability
  2. Legal Identity
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Numerous tax benefits
  5. Recognition to the business
  6. The opportunity of getting investment
  7. Restricted trade of shares
  8. Funding for your business
  9. Continued existence
  10. Limited risk to personal assets
  11. Raising capital
  12. Continue existence
  13. Your liability as an individual is limited
  14. Enhanced brand image and improved trust factor

There are as many as six main types of company registration in India. Private Limited Company is one of the most sophisticated forms of business entities in India.
Give below are different forms of company registration in India

  1. Partnership
  2. One Person Company
  3. Proprietorship
  4. Limited Liability Partnership
  5. Section 8 Company
  6. Company Limited by Guarantee
  7. Unlimited Company

Besides, there are other types like Sole Proprietorship and company limited by shares.

Benefits of GST Registration:

GST Registration is an obligation imposed by law and heanc a mandatory compliance.  However, GST Registration number has several benefits in place for Registered taxpayers. Some of the benefits are summarised below:

Availability of Input Tax Credit:

Input Tax Credit (‘ITC’) on purchases would be available only for Registered taxpayers. By availing GST Registration, taxpayers would be able to offset the ITC against the output GST liability, thereby reducing the cascading effect of GST and optimising the value of goods/ services offered to customers.

Eligibility to pass on ITC to buyers

A Registered taxpayer would be able to pass on the benefit of ITC to the Buyer, thereby facilitating a seamless flow of tax credits. Hence, the turnover of the business would have a great potential to multiply as Buyers would be willing to purchase only from registered taxpayers.

Undertake Inter-state and export sales

A Registered taxpayer would be able to undertake inter-state and export sales without any restrictions, thereby increasing the extent and volume of business.

Contribute to nation building

GST indirectly enforces buyers and sellers to undertake business transactions in a transparent manner by reporting transactions and comply with law at various stages. This process facilitates continuance of the tax chain across economic life cycle of the business. By being a Registered Taxpayer, paying taxes on time and complying with various reporting requirements, you can be proud that you are one of the contributor to nation building.


Our scope of services in relation to claiming refunds under the GST law include the following:

  1. Determination of eligible transactions for claiming refund
  2. Providing recommendations on the administrative compliances and procedures in order to be eligible for refund claims
  3. Assistance in collating the data and evidences required for lodging refund claims
    1. List of eligible transactions
    2. Collation of invoices, shipping bills, bank realisation certificates
    3. Amount of taxes paid
  4. Assistance in filing Form GST RFD-01/1A in the GST portal
  5. Submission of the application to the jurisdictional GST officer
    1. Collation of documents to be submitted
    2. Appearance before the jurisdictional GST officer for filing the application
  6. Representation before the GST officer in relation to the following:
    1. Assistance in the document verification process
    2. Assistance in securing provisional refund
    3. Assistance in providing clarifications and documents during detailed scrutiny of refund claims
    4. Assistance in drafting suitable responses to notice issued for shortfall in refund
    5. Assistance in securing final refund order along with refund cheque.

What they say about us

We give full credit to VJM for streamlining our company’s GST compliance. Their dedicated team of learned professionals have a focussed approach & exceptional clarity when it comes to any questions pertaining to GST. I can say, without their support, it would not have been possible for us to sail past the initial turbulent period when GST was launched. Our best wishes always with them !
Siddharth Gupta
CEO, Craft Home, Export House

GST Services

Know more about our complete portfolio of GST Services.

GST Audit

Professional GST audit needs a strong mechanism and digital environment through the examination of the records to ensure full compliance of tax rules. At VJM & Associates LLP, we offer error-free GST audit services after thoroughly checking the important audit check-points. ​

Refund under GST​

Interested in filling for GST refunds? Contact us to identify that you are eligible for a GST refund. We will help you file your claim through online GST Refund Form RFD-01 or from customs department via IGST route. Don’t miss the timeline. Claim it through us within the relevant date.​

GST Advisiory​

Our GST advisory services focus on the applicability of taxes on various transactions conducted or proposed to be undertaken and the overall tax performances of our clients, creating value and greater opportunities for developing a more strategic approach to tax.

Representation under GST

Your search for expert in GST for the representation under GST comes to an end as soon as you reach VJM & Associates LLP. We have years of experience and exposure for representation to authorities at various levels. We have expertise in solving various issues related to a dispute between tax authorities and supplier under the GST. ​

GST Outsourcing

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner or a reliable vendor for outsourcing your GST tasks, we will be the right fit for you. We keep a world-class pool of professional GST consultants to provide you with a complete solution, covering almost all areas of GST, bookkeeping and accounting tasks, GST returns etc.

Accounting & Reporting

We are the market leaders to deliver a higher-quality accounting and reporting solution to our clients more quickly and efficiently in an environment of technological change, digital demonstration, could computing, online bookkeeping and GST filing, and increased regulatory changes and scrutinizes.

Why Choose us

Client Centric Approach

Client is the key driver of our service offerings.  Our approach to service offerings is based on a client centric and customised approach.  Our specialised teams are a mix of technical and industry experience in order to serve clientele for their specific needs.


We always endeavour for a quick turnaround time to serve our clientele.  We are supported by an experienced and client focussed support teams to offer timely services to our clientele. In case of any business exigencies and time sensitive service requirements, you can always count on us.


We have built high performing teams supported by strong work ethic. Our team is a mix of experts, professionals and support staff from technical and varied academic, cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds.  We believe that this diversification plays a vital role in motivating the team into High Performing Teams.


We believe that open communication is the core principle in order to demonstrate trust, build long lasting and valuable relationships with clientele.  We are committed to ensuring transparency in communication, service offerings and delivery. 

Driving quality in delivery

Our service offerings are driven by quality and reviews at every level. We strive to provide a qualitative and value-added delivery to our clientele. At all times, we endeavour to provide exceptional client service by meeting client expectations and driving client satisfaction.

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