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The scope and requirements of GST law are complex, voluminous and come with a lot of grey areas. We, at VJM & Associates LLP aim to make GST ‘simple and easy to implement’. We are able to break down complex things into simple language. No matter how complex the problem is, our experienced GST advisory and planning team is always ready to take your questions.

Our GST advisory team comes with a vast experience of handling several indirect taxes in India.  We have on the ground experience of the hassles faced by taxpayers. We also undertake a 360 degree review of your organisation’s business and help you structure the transactions for tax optimisation as well as GST compliance.

GST Consultant

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  • Change in tax rates;
  • Change in Time and Place of supply rules for goods or services or both;
  • Evaluating impact on outward supplies including goods and services;
  • Analysing impact on procurement of inputs / input services;
  • Valuation mechanism under GST, including incidence on free of costs supplies, stock transfers, discounts, incidental supplies and supplies to related parties;
  • Analysing position on availability of input tax credits – credit restrictions or additional tax credits on procurements of goods and services; and,
  • Basis the above parameters, assessing the Impact of GST on Company’s operations, select products and working capital.
  • Identifying alternate business models to ensure tax efficiencies and credit-optimisation;
  • Evaluation of the alternate business models identified basis the tax costs involved;
  • Identify potential risks and suggest suitable mitigating strategies, associated with the identified models; and,
  • Define the business model / contractual scenarios after discussions with the Management that could be taken up for implementation.
  • Ascertaining the impact of GST on the prices of products and services in view of additional tax costs / credits;
  • Advising on the appropriate pricing mechanism to be adopted considering the additional savings / burden and the legal provisions;
  • Advising the appropriate safeguards to be adopted; and,
  • Implementation of changes in business processes such as establishing processes for billings, devising a system for receiving advances / payments;
  • Guidance on eligibility of specific credits that could be available under GST regime;
  • Evaluating and updating the eligibility and transferability of existing Input tax credits;
  • Assistance in preparation and uploading of statutory Forms for Transition of credits;
  • Guidance in relation to the manner of recovering tax from customers;
  • Highlighting key areas for negotiation, with vendors / customers, pertaining to the contractual arrangements;
  • Assistance in obtaining GST registrations or migrating existing registrations; and,
  • Studying the existing IT System, basis blueprints and flowcharts shared with us, to provide the tax triggers and mapping for each of the business transactions;
  • Evolve logics basis the changes introduced in law including those for transition of credits;
  • Configuring tax rates and updating master file basis the scheduled rates;
  • Advise on the reports to be generated from the system for GST purposes;
  • Advise on the structuring of invoices, credit notes, debit notes and other related documents;
  • Conducting UAT Testing of the GST version of the IT systems and Reporting the observations; and,
  • Final testing of the IT systems and provide a compliance report.
  • Customised internal trainings for organisational requirements for Finance, Taxation, Legal, Commercial, Sales and Marketing departments; and,
  • Trainings for vendors, suppliers and customers.
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GST Services

Know more about our complete portfolio of GST Services.

GST Audit

Professional GST audit needs a strong mechanism and digital environment through the examination of the records to ensure full compliance of tax rules. At VJM & Associates LLP, we offer error-free GST audit services after thoroughly checking the important audit check-points. ​

Refund under GST​

Interested in filling for GST refunds? Contact us to identify that you are eligible for a GST refund. We will help you file your claim through online GST Refund Form RFD-01 or from customs department via IGST route. Don’t miss the timeline. Claim it through us within the relevant date.​

GST Advisiory​

Our GST advisory services focus on the applicability of taxes on various transactions conducted or proposed to be undertaken and the overall tax performances of our clients, creating value and greater opportunities for developing a more strategic approach to tax.

Representation under GST

Your search for expert in GST for the representation under GST comes to an end as soon as you reach VJM & Associates LLP. We have years of experience and exposure for representation to authorities at various levels. We have expertise in solving various issues related to a dispute between tax authorities and supplier under the GST. ​

GST Outsourcing

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner or a reliable vendor for outsourcing your GST tasks, we will be the right fit for you. We keep a world-class pool of professional GST consultants to provide you with a complete solution, covering almost all areas of GST, bookkeeping and accounting tasks, GST returns etc.

Accounting & Reporting

We are the market leaders to deliver a higher-quality accounting and reporting solution to our clients more quickly and efficiently in an environment of technological change, digital demonstration, could computing, online bookkeeping and GST filing, and increased regulatory changes and scrutinizes.

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Client Centric Approach

Client is the key driver of our service offerings. Our approach to service offerings is based on a client centric and customized approach. Our specialized teams are a mix of technical and industry experience in order to serve clientele for their specific needs.

Quick Turnaround

We always endeavour for a quick turnaround time to serve our clientele. We are supported by an experienced and client focussed support teams to offer timely services to our clientele. In case of any business exigencies and time sensitive service requirements, you can always count on us.

Team Work

We have built high performing teams supported by strong work ethic. Our team is a mix of experts, professionals and support staff from technical and varied academic, cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds. We believe that this diversification plays a vital role in motivating the team into High Performing Teams.

Open Communications

We believe that open communication is the core principle in order to demonstrate trust, build long lasting and valuable relationships with clientele. We are committed to ensuring transparency in communication, service offerings and delivery.

Driving quality in delivery

Our service offerings are driven by quality and reviews at every level. We strive to provide a qualitative and value-added delivery to our clientele. At all times, we endeavour to provide exceptional client service by meeting client expectations and driving client satisfaction.

Blogs on Goods and Service Tax

Taxability of Personal Guarantee and Corporate Guarantee under GST| Clarified by CBIC

Taxability of Personal Guarantee and Corporate Guarantee under GST| Clarified by CBIC

Providing guarantee is a very common part of business finance wherein one person provides guarantee to the bank or financier on behalf of the other person for securing loan or credit facility. In some cases, commission is paid as a consideration for providing guarantee. CBIC has received various representations with respect to applicability of GST on personal guarantee provided by Director to the bank for granting credit facility to the company or corporate guarantee provided by the company on behalf of its sister concern or subsidiary company.

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Detailed analysis of 52nd GST Council Meeting 

Detailed analysis of 52nd GST Council Meeting 

GST Council met for 52nd time on 7th October, 2023 under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Finance and Corporate affair minister. GST Council discussed various aspects such as Amnesty Scheme for filing of GST Appeal, Clarification on applicability of GST on Guarantee services provided by director and company, changes in GST rates etc.

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