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We, at VJM & Associates LLP are inherently experienced in traversing clientele through the complex interplay of corporate laws read in conjunction with other economic laws. Our advisory team comes with rich experience in analysis, structuring and advising clientele on corporate and allied laws. Our clientele benefit from the multidimensional knowledge of our team and value our in-depth expertise, availability, and our active involvement throughout the engagement.

Our company law advisory includes both domestic companies as well as foreign companies looking to establish presence in India.  We also assist foreign Directors in conducting due diligence and a periodic update on the compliances by their companies.

Company Law Advisory and Compliance​

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Corporate law is the branch of law containing various laws, rules, regulations and practices governing the formation, operation, compliance and liquidation of corporate entities. It is essentially the body of law which regulates the business and conduct of corporate legal entities. In India, a Company and a Limited Liability Partnership have a corporate entity status and the business thereof is regulated by Company laws. The Company Law in India is under the purview of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and has delegated the powers to Regional Directorates (“RD’) and Registrar of Companies (“RoC’). The Regional Directorates and Registrar of Companies together act as the statutory and administrative executors of corporate law in India. In the recent past, the Indian corporate law arena has undergone several reforms in line with the global best practices. The enactment of Companies Act, 2013 laid the foundation for increased transparency, objectivity, governance and regulation of corporate entities along with facilitating the ease of doing business in India. The Regulators have stepped up scrutiny and regulation of the corporate sector in order to weed out functionally inactive companies and companies not undertaking periodical compliances. Coupled with the economic reforms in India, the Regulators had resorted to taking extreme measures including striking off non-compliant companies and disqualification of its Directors. Penalty and consequences for non-compliance have been made stringent.
  1. Know Your Customer (‘KYC’) of Persons holding Director Identification Number (‘DIN‘) in Form DIR – 3 KYC
  2. Filing of Financial Statements of Company in Form AOC – 4/ AOC – 4 XBRL/ AOC – 4 CFS
  3. Annual Return in Form MGT – 7
  4. Outstanding payments to Micro, Small or Medium Enterprises (‘MSME’) in MSME Form I
  5. Annual Return of Deposits (including for amounts which are not deposits) in Form DPT – 3
  6. Appointment of Cost Auditors, if applicable
  1. Allotment of new shares
  2. Transfer of existing shares
  3. Invitation to subscribe for shares
  4. Issue of shares to the Directors/ employees of the Company
  5. Stock split and reverse split
  6. Change in Authorised/ Paid-up Capital of the Company
  1. Investment in shares/ other securities
  2. Granting loans to other Companies/ entities
  3. Borrowings from other companies/ Directors
  4. Charges/ encumbrances against assets
  5. Change in terms of the Loan taken earlier.
  6. Full payment of the amount of loan taken against the property of the Company.
  1. Change in composition of the Board of Directors
  2. Appointment of Managing Director (‘MD’)/ Whole Time Director (‘WTD’)
  3. Payment of remuneration to MD/ WTD
  4. Transactions with Related Parties (Director/ relative(s)/ firm(s) of the Director etc.)
  5. Loans to Directors/ Members/ entities where they are partner/ members respectively
  6. Loans to Companies under same management
  7. Acceptance of deposits from Directors / members of their relatives
  8. Opening / closing of bank accounts or change in signatories of Bank account
  1. Convening the Board and General meetings of the Company
  2. Submission of Resolution to any other third party/ any authority
  3. Maintenance of Minutes of Board meeting
  4. Maintenance of minutes of general meetings and its attendance.
  5. Agreement entered by the shareholders of the Company where Company is a Party.
  1. Executing documents under the common seal of the Company
  2. Purchase/ Sale of fixed assets of the Company
  3. Entering into new business/ Partnership
  4. Alteration of Memorandum of Association (‘MoA’) of the Company
  5. Alteration of Articles of Association (‘AoA’) of the Company with other company.
  6. Shifting the registered office of the Company from one place to other.
  7. Appointment or change of the Statutory Auditors of the Company.
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ROC Compliances

As per The Companies Act, there are certain compliances that need to be filed by the Private Limited Company. These ROC compliances mainly include Annual filing. Apart from Annual filing, disclosure by directors, annual return draft, and updating the Statutory Register undergo ROC compliances. ROC compliances are mandatory. Any slack or negligence can lead to penalties, fines and other legal issues pertaining to the Company. There are some certain forms that need to be filed by a private limited company along with specified documents and returns. 

At VJM & Associates LLP we have the team of experts having expertise and experience in Company Law Matters.

Public Limited Company Registration

Private limited company registration requires some legal steps and thoughtful processes. To complete the process of online company formation, you need to know about what is a private limited company, how to form private limited company, required documents for a company formation, benefits of private limited company formation, etc. 

As a reputable firm of Chartered Accountants in Delhi, we have years of experience in helping our clients in private limited company formation. Since the time of enquiry to arranging documents till submitting these online, we get in touch with you in the entire journey and guide you properly at every step until you can complete all.

Company Audit

VJM & Associates LLP specializes in offering company audit services, creating value for your time, money, labor, and business management. Our internal and management audits help companies grow faster and find out the weak areas that need improvements to reduce cost and increase profit margin. 

We do a SWOT analysis and make strategies for helping you achieve your business goals and meet operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms or managing reporting requirements. In an efficient IT environment, we create the Risk Management framework to offer you ‘Risk Based Audit’ (RBA) that minimizes upcoming risk and maximizes revenues.

Accounting and Taxation Compliances

With a dedicated team of Chartered Accountants in Delhi, offer a wide range of services on how to maintain your  companies and manage corporate income taxes including bookkeeping, accounting, financial statement preparation, electronic data transfer, corporate tax return preparation and paralegal services like preparation of annual shareholder report, tax refund, director resolutions, and annual filings. 

Moreover, we advise and update you on the latest changes and updates in tax legislation and opportunities

GST Registration

GST Registration is an online process involving submission of several business details along with certain supporting documents. Prior to the GST registration, a critical analysis of various business and transaction aspects like – nature of business, types of supplies/ services, category of registration etc. are required to be undertaken. 

We, at V J M Associates LLP are equipped to provide qualitative value added services through the entire process of GST registration. Our dedicated team is available to offer end to end services in accordance with your requirements and clarify your questions.

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We are the market leaders to deliver a higher-quality accounting and reporting solution to our clients more quickly and efficiently in an environment of technological change, digital demonstration, could computing, online bookkeeping and GST filing, and increased regulatory changes and scrutinizes.

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