FSSAI Registration in India

All food business operators involved in the manufacturing, processing, delivering, storage distribution, and sale of food products must compulsorily need FSSAI Registration or License. Needless to say, FSSAI Registration is a bit different from FSSAI License, depending on the size and nature of the business. Each FBO should necessarily obtain the registration or license.

FSSAI Registration a 14-digit registration or a license number must be printed on all the food packages. This registration procedure is aimed to create more accountability on the FBO to maintain the quality of the food products. VJM & Associates LLP is always at your service to help you get your FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License.


FSSAI Registration​ Online

Know More about FSSAI Licenses

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, abbreviated as FSSAI, is an organization for monitoring and governing the food business in India. The organization is involved in quality checking of foods and curtailing down the food adulteration and sale of sub-standard products. This is why food business operators (FBO) in India must get registration and license issued by FSSAI. Therefore, FSSAI Registration is mandatory Registration for the food business operators in India to ensure the safety of food products. They must hold a food safety certificate issued by the food authority in India. All the manufacturers, food suppliers, traders, and restaurants involved in the food business in India must have a 14-digit registration or a license number printed on the food packages (according to the regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006). FSSAI License Number is a 14-digit number that gives detailed information about the manufacturer’s license or registration along with the manufacturing state called FSSAI number. The owner of the brand must display the FSSAI logo and the license number on the label of the food package. In the case of imported food products, the importer or the marketer must display the FSSAI logo and license number along with the name and address on a sticker to be affixed to get customs clearance. If you are a new business entity looking Guidelines on FSSAI License Number or an existing business interested in outracing the process to a third-party vendor or a reliable business partner, you can contact VJM & Associates LLP.
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FSSAI registration or license depends on the business volume and premises. Based on the installed capacity or turnover or location, an applicant promises he or she is eligible for the license like central license, state license, basic registration, etc. As the name suggests central license is required for large volume businesses. They need to register their business with FSSAI from central government. Export Oriented Units, importers, large manufacturers, food business operators in Central Government Agencies, airport, and seaport undergo this category. A state license is required for state government for small to medium-sized manufacturing companies, storage units, transporters, marketers, distributors, retailers, etc. Basic Registration is applicable for pretty food manufacturers.
For FSSAI registration, an applicant needs a number of documents to produce with the application form. These are declaration form, authority letter, copy of property paper (if owned property), copy of rent agreement (if rented property), food safety management system plan or certificate, electricity or water bill (business place), copy of aadhaar card or voter identity card of proprietor, partners or director, and form ix: nomination of persons by a company along with the board resolution. Moreover, there are some more additional documents required from the manufacturer. These are list of equipment and machinery, blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit, pesticide residues report of water, List of food category desired to be manufactured and Pesticide residues report of water.
You can renew your FSSAI license 30 days before the expiry of original license. Here, you need to give your current license number to the concerned authority. It takes nearly 30-40 days for the renewal of a license.
The validity of the FSSAI License is 1 to 5 years. An operator has the liberty to take a decision on the number of years he or she is looking for. Based on the number of years he or she has applied for, the cost will increase or decrease.


Applying for FSSAI Registration online with the government is a long process. It requires 60 days to complete the process.

At the very first step, you need to check the eligibility. You need to decide the category you are falling in. After deciding whether you are in Central, State and Basic Registration, you need to fill FSSAI licensing registration form A on FSSAI website. After that, you need to make the payment for FSSAI application at the FBO located nearby your area.

After that, you need to file Form B with the government. There are multiple declarations and resolutions lying in the FSSAI Registration process. You have to fill all with your application. This may include board resolution, owner self-declarations and other required documentations. On completion of Documents, requisite fees will be paid online. Once the payment is done, you will receive a confirmation. The payment amount will be reflected in your FSSAI account. .

After that, you need to get in touch with the government department to have a look at the update on your application. The government may check it and send back your application for edits. If you do not respond within the next 15 working days since the date of the application submission, your application will be rejected.

The government department might take 45-60 working days to completely check and review your application. If the government department finds everything furnished in forms is fine, it will approve your application.