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Know about The Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) is one of the old methods of acknowledging the contributions of employees in the company by giving them certain ownership in the company. Traditionally, ESOPs were issued to the senior employees of the companies to acknowledge their contribution in building companies.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on January 6,2023
All about One Person Company
OPC is one of the most opted forms of business as it gives all benefits of a private company such as limited liability, separate legal entity, better recognition, legal protections, more market accessibility, credits, etc.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on December 26,2022
Corporate Social Responsibility under Companies Act, 2013 and its Related Aspects
CSR brings positive change to society and also builds customers’ trust as consumers feel that they are using the product or service of a socially responsible company and they feel attached and become supportive. In India, CSR spending constitutes up to 28% of philanthropic giving which is invested in education, livelihoods support, health sectors, etc.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on December 12,2022
Highlights of Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Act, 2021
Limited Liability Partnership is a new concept as compared to Companies and still it is one of the most used forms of business. With emerging use of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), government is amending provisions of Limited Liability Partnership Act to bring the same in sync with business requirement. Government is also aligning provisions of the LLP Act with Companies Act as limited liability is a common feature in both forms of business.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on December 10,2022
Appointment of Independent directors, their Roles, Duties & Responsibilities
Guidelines of professional conduct: Independent directors are part of the board itself and various committees like audit committee, risk management committee, etc, and hence, a participators in major working and decisions of a company relating to financial statements or financial transactions or legal and regulatory compliances, etc.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on November 29,2022
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI-LLP) in Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) formed and registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 is governed under Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) Rules, 2019 which have superseded Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer by Issue of Security by a Person Resident outside India) Regulations, 2017 vide Notification S.O. 3732(E) issued by Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs).
By CA. Kapil Mittal
Last update on November 29,2022
Guide to CARO 2020| Clause-wise analysis
'CARO' 2020 | clause-wise analysis. CARO 2020 is a new format for issue of audit reports in case of statutory audits of companies under Companies Act, 2013.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on November 21,2022
Conversion of Private Company into Public Company
Are you also thinking of taking your private company into a public company or you are confused that whether you should convert your private limited company into a public limited company? Well, this is a big decision
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on November 15,2022
Appointment of NRI/Foreign National as Director in an Indian Company
In some cases, NRIs want to incorporate a company in India with foreign directors only. As per Section 149(3) of the Companies Act, every company shall have at least one director who has stayed in India for a total period of 182 days or more in the previous calendar year.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on November 14,2022
Are Directors of a Company Allowed to Take a Loan from the Company
As per Section 185(2) of the Companies Act, A company is allowed to provide any loan or guarantee or any security in connection with any loan taken by any person in whom any of the directors of the company is interested.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on October 18,2022