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Mandatory use of Audit Trail in the Accounting Software from 1st April 2021 and the New Audit Disclosure Requirements
On 24th March 2021, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs made certain changes in the manner in which companies are required to disclose their annual accounts and made it mandatory to use accounting software having audit trail features that cannot be disabled throughout the year.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on March 31,2021
Process of RBI approval to open Liaison Office (LO)| Branch office (BO)| Project office (PO) in India
Various foreign entities are opting for various methods to set up their entities in India such as set-up a subsidiary in India with Foreign Company as holding, Project Office, Liasoning Office, Branch Office, Direct Investment in Indian Companies etc.
Last update on October 26,2020
Process of closure of Project office/ Liaison Office/Branch Office
Provisions related closure of Project Office/Liaison Office/Branch Office are regulated by Foreign Exchange management Act read with FEM (Establishment in India of Branch or Office or Liaison office or a project office or any other place of business) Regulations, 2016 and Master Directions No. 10/2015-16 dated 1st Jan, 2016.
Last update on October 26,2020
Business Setup in India | Register Company in India
From a foreign company’s point of view, India is one of the booming country’s to start a business in India. India is in the developing stage in terms of economy, growth, infrastructure, and technology. There are many untapped businesses where India has not yet stepped in or some of them are being outsourced. Business set up in India is […]
By Kavita Dam
Last update on October 6,2020
Decoding extension of due date of AGM
Considering the special reasons of COVID-19 and in pursuance of power given under section 96(1) of the Companies Act, the Registrar of the company has extended the due date of holding AGM by 3 months for the year ended on 31.03.2020 without any requirement of filing GNL-1.
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on September 20,2020
9 Crucial Legal Documents Needed for your Business
Every business requires calculated risk-taking abilities to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. That’s why gen-y entrepreneurs love to showcase their talent and risk-taking ability in front of the world. However, ending up in the legal battleground in the process due to missing legal documents would be a big blow to a business.  Legal documents […]
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on May 6,2020
Why Should You Register a Limited Liability Partnership?
If you have to ask experts: Why are LLPs becoming the choice of business operations for startup enthusiasts? The answer will include various reasons such as low formation cost, lesser compliance and restrictions, and, most importantly, greater flexible options that only a Limited Liability Partnership offers.  1. What is a Limited Liability Partnership? Partnership firm […]
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on May 2,2020
Benefits of Registering a Business in India
In the last decades, India has been contemplated as a remunerative market for doing business. The magnitude of a foreign investment indicates a promising future of an Indian economy. This assures there are more than one benefits of registering a Business in India. India is one of the most powerful countries in boosting up the […]
Last update on May 2,2020
Why should you register a private limited company?
Businesses generally prefer private Limited Registrations due to two essential benefits, namely, perpetual succession and easily transferable ownership. Perpetual Succession ensures that the business will continue to operate even if its founder dies; Or chooses to sever all relationships with the company due to any unforeseen circumstances. But the changes in management will not affect […]
By CA. Sachin Jindal
Last update on April 20,2020
8 Key Factors to Consider While Starting a New Business
Are you preparing to start a business by yourself? Getting frequently baffled on what to do and what not to do? Well, here are 8 important points you need to keep in your mind while launching any new business. For any new business, cutting the risks while maintaining steady cash flow is very much essential […]
By CA. Kavit Vijay
Last update on April 20,2020

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