Transfer of Pending Black Money Act Cases to Central Charge from jurisdictional Income Tax Authority

Transfer of Pending Black Money Act Cases to Central Charge from jurisdictional Income Tax Authority

Under Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015 (BM Act, 2015), tax is charged on undisclosed foreign income and assets of assessee at the rate of 30%. Therefore, cases of undisclosed foreign income and assets are handled under Black Money Act, 2015.

As per Section 6 of BM Act, 2016, Income Tax authority specified under Income Tax Act shall be tax authority for the purpose of BM Act and every such authority shall exercise the powers and perform the functions within his jurisdiction. Therefore, Cases under BM Act are handled by jurisdictional income tax authority only.

However, the Central Board of Direct Tax (“CBDT”) has decided to transfer such cases vide Instructions F.No.225/24/2021/ITA-II dated 23rd February, 2021.

CBDT has issued following instructions under section 119 of Income Tax Act,1961 read with section 6 and section 84 of BM Act:

  1. All cases which are pending under BM Act with jurisdictional Income Tax authority shall get transferred to respective Central Charges. However, cases pending with  ADIT(Inv.)/DDIT(Inv.) shall remain in their jurisdiction only.
  2. Such cases shall be transferred through order of Jurisdictional Income Tax officer under section 127 of Income Tax.

For transferring such Black Money cases in a Hassle free manner, CBST issued following instructions:

  1. At first, the Jurisdictional Income-tax Authority should identify the cases under his charge wherein proceedings pending under BM Act also.
  2. In such identified cases, all proceedings pending under Income Tax Act should be identified including those proceedings for faceless assessment with National eAssessment Centre (NeAC) and National Faceless Penalty Centre (NFPC).
  3. In case proceedings are pending with National eAssessment Centre (NeAC) and National Faceless Penalty Centre (NFPC), then jurisdictional Income-tax Authority shall request NeAC and NPFC through the concerned Principal Commissioner of Income Tax for transfer of such case to the jurisdictional Income tax officer.
  4. Upon receipt of such request, Pr. CCIT(NeAC) / Pr. CCIT(NFPC) may consider transferring the case to the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer. 
  5. After that, jurisdictional income tax officers shall transfer the cases to the respective Central Changes by issue of appropriate orders under section 127 of Income-tax Act.
  6. Upon transferring of Income tax jurisdiction in such cases, jurisdiction for the purpose of BM Act will automatically get transferred to respective central charges.
  7. Where any appeal proceedings are pending National Faceless Appeal Centre (NFAC), a copy of order issued under section 127 of Income-tax Act shall be sent to Pr.CCIT(NFAC) also by the Competent Jurisdictional Income- tax Authority.
  8. Upon receipt of the same, Pr.CCIT (NFAC) may consider transferring such appeal(s) to  CIT(Appeal)(Central) of that Central Charge by issue of an order as provided in the National ‘Faceless Appeal Scheme, 2020.
  9. Upon issuance of order of transfer, The Additional/Joint Commissioner of Income Tax of respective ranges of Central Charges shall exercise the power and perform the function of Assessing Officer under the BM Act.

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