How to check GST number on GST portal

GST number search by PAN

GST portal provides facility for GST number search by PAN and GST number search by GSTIN on GSTIN portal so that person may not get deceived by using incorrect GST Number. However There is no feature for GST number search by Name on the GSTIN portal. GST portal also provided seperate procedure to GSTIN Search of Dealer opted for Composition Scheme

Two method of search GSTIN are as follows.

  1. GST number search by PAN
  2. GST number search by GSTIN

In some cases, supplier or recipient may unintentionally mention his GSTIN incorrect. So, corresponding party may check his GSTIN upfront.

1. GST number search by GSTIN

GST portal provides facility to check correctness of GST number by using GSTIN. GSTIN may be verified at On GST portal, GSTIN may be check on following path:

Search Taxpayer>Search by GSTIN/UIN

Step 1

Upon entering of GSTIN and captcha, details of registered person will appear in following way:

Step 2

However in case of incorrect GSTIN, GST portal will pop up a message as “The GSTIN/UIN that you have entered is invalid. Please enter a valid GSTIN/UIN.”

Step 3

2. GST number search by PAN

GST Portal also provides facility of verification of GSTIN based on PAN. Upon entering of correct PAN, GST portal will populate all GSTIN registered with such PAN in one or more states.

GSTIN may be searched in following path:

Search Taxpayer>Search by PAN

Step 1

After entering correct PAN and captcha, GST portal will display all GSTIN registered under such PAN.

Step 2

Upon clicking of any GSTIN, GST portal will divert to “Search by GSTIN” with GSTIN prefilled. However, in case of incorrect GSTIN, system will not display any details

3. GSTIN Search of Dealer opted for Composition Scheme

GST Portal provides a separate tab for dealers opted for composition scheme. Facility to search composition scheme dealer is available on following path at

Search Taxpayer>Search Composition Taxpayer

Step 1

Upon clicking of “Search Composition Taxpayer” tab, GST portal will provide option to search two types of dealers viz. “Opted In for Composition Scheme” or “Opted Out for composition Scheme”. Through “Opted in for composition Scheme”, details of those dealers can be searched who have opted for composition scheme and through “Opted Out for Composition Scheme”, details of those dealers will appear who have opted out of composition scheme.

Upon selection of either of the option, further search will be based on either “GSTIN/UIN” or “State”.

Step 2

In case of search through “GSTIN/UIN”, upon entering correct GSTIN of dealer who has opted In/Out of composition scheme and Captche, details of such dealer will appear.

Step 3

Further, if GSTIN/UIN is not available, search may be carried out through state. In case of search through state, name of state, financial year (In which Composition scheme is opted in or opted out) and legal name (Optional) are required to be entered to search details of dealer. If correct details are entered then GST portal will display details of dealer.

Step 4

However, in case of incorrect information, GST portal will display message of “No Records”.

Further, if Legal name is also not available, then GST portal will display information of all dealers “Opted In/Opted Out” of composition scheme during such financial year.

Step 5

Information available related to GSTIN

After entering correct GSTIN, GST portal will display following information:

  • GST Number
  • Legal Name of Business
  • Center Jurisdiction *
  • State Jurisdiction *
  • Date of registration
  • Constitution of Business i.e. Company, Partnership firm, individual etc.
  • Taxpayer type: Regular or Taxpayer under Composition Scheme.
  • GSTIN/UIN Status-Active or Inactive
  • In case of Cancellation of GST Registration, the GST verification search result will display the date of Cancellation
  • Status of a field visit of the business.
  • Filing table-It will show last 10 GST returns filed by such taxpayer along with Return Type (GSTR-1/GSTR-3B), Financial year, Tax Period, Date of filing and status of return.

* Either of state or center jurisdictions is marked as Red which is jurisdiction of Assessee for all proceedings purpose under GST Law.

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