01mayAll DayQuarterly GSTR-1 return filling due date

07mayAll DayEqualisation Levy Deposit

10mayAll DayGSTR-8 Return filling Due date

10mayAll DayGSTR-7 return filling due date

11mayAll DayMonthly GSTR-1 return filling due date

13mayAll DayGSTR-6 return filling due date

15mayAll DayProvidend Fund / ESI Due dates

20mayAll DayGSTR - 3B Return filling Due Date

20mayAll DayGSTR - 5 Return Filling Due Dates

20mayAll DayGSTR-5A return filling due dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Importance of Statutory compliances​ ?

Statutory compliances are integral to the existence and operation of every business.  Any non-compliance could attract penalties, fines and attract restrictions on the smooth conduct of business. Compliance of laws and regulations is a critical factor in risk management and conduct of business. 

Compliance with laws demonstrates the entity’s commitment to various stakeholders like government, suppliers, customers, investors etc. and significantly contributes to its brand building

What does statutory compliance provide?

Statutory compliance has two critical aspects –

  1. Identification of compliance to be done and
  2. Ensuring compliances. 

Identification of compliances across various laws and regulations is a tedious task.  In many cases, there may be changes in the nature, timing and manner of undertaking compliances.  from time to time. 

Once the compliances are identified, ensuring compliance in the required manner with the required data is the critical to the success of every statutory compliance program. 

Now, all you need to do is simply follow the compliance calendar and undertake required compliances.

Compliance calendar – A solution to statutory compliances​?

To help you stay on top of everything related to identification of applicable compliances and save the pain of going through various laws, we have devised this compilation summary of monthly compliances under above Indian laws.  The monthly compliance calendar contains the compliance due date under various laws, Form / process and details of compliance to be undertaken. 

Now, all you need to do is simply follow the compliance calendar and undertake required compliances.

What all laws does the compliance calendar cover?​

The Compliance calendar summarise compliances pertaining to the following laws::

Economic laws – Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Regulatory laws – Companies Act (Corporate law), Foreign Exchange Management Act (Exchange control law), SEBI (securities law)

Labour laws – Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance

Have any questions? Need assistance for undertaking compliances?

We at VJM & Associates LLP are specialised in assisting clientele in compliances under various laws.  We are adept at making compliances a hassle-free process by offering assistance that suits your specific needs.  We also have a dedicated compliance team to take care of all your compliance needs.