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First Return under GST – GSTR3B


Checklist for GSTR-3B Return A registered person under GST has to file GSTR-3B return on or before 20th August 2017 for the month of July 2017 and on or before 20th September 2017 for the month of August 2017. GSTR-3B shall be treated as return for submitting the provisional assessment of tax liability. After filing the GSTR-3B, a detailed return under GSTR-1, 2 and 3 shall be filed in September 2017 for the month of July and August 2017. Let’s discuss the GSTR-3B return in detail- Details of Outward supplies and inward supplies liable to reverse charge Under this part of return we require, details of sale/ services provided during […]

E Way Bill – Uttar Pradesh


E – WAY BILL – UTTAR PRADESH The Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government has issued the notification with respect to E-Way Bill which has been effective from 26th July’ 2017. For reference notification attached. You may go the given link- http://comtax.up.nic.in to generate the E-Way Bill before the movement of Goods started towards in Uttar Pradesh. Click Here to download the Eway Bill – Notification – Eway Bill – UP  

Transfer of Stock and Input credit under GST


Purpose of GST TRAN – 1 GST TRAN – 1 is the form provided under GST in accordance with the transition provision. The purpose of this form is to collect information with respect to inputs tax credit of Cenvat and VAT available under existing law so that the same can be transferred to electronic credit ledger under GST and Registered person can utilized this credit for the payment of CGST and SGST. Section for Business Information First section is to collect Business Information for registered person. In this section of form, registered person has to provide basic details about their business. These details are GSTIN Number. Legal Name of Registered […]

Formats of Invoices under GST


Formats of Invoices under GST View Video on “Various Invoices under GST” for details about each invoices type.

Various Returns under Goods and Service Tax (GST)


Various Returns under GST Important Aspect relating to Returns under Goods and service tax such as: What are the Returns to be filled under GST Who is required to files returns What are the due dates for filing returns under GST What are the penalties for non-filing of returns under GST with in Due dates Types of Returns under GST There are provisions for 6 types of return have been given under Goods and service tax. Under Goods and service tax there are 3 return to be filled on monthly basis. These return are Monthly Outward Details Monthly Inward Details Monthly Returns There are 1 annual returns to be fill by […]

Applicability and Registration under Goods and Service Tax


  Applicability and Registrations under GST Registration Under GST Subject to Turnover Every supplier making taxable supplies of goods or services or both, will have to take registration if aggregate turnover in financial year exceeds INR 20 lakh. Such supplier required to make application with in 30 days from the date he become liable to get registered. A casual taxable or a non-resident taxable person required to make application at least 5 days prior to commencement to business. Registration for supplier of special category state In case, supplier makes taxable supplies of goods or services or both from any of the special category state, he shall be liable to registration […]

19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) FOR GST MIGRATION Q1. I am an existing PAN-based Service Tax (ST) and Central Excise (CE) assessee, and wish to enroll in GST. I have business premises and factories in the State of Telangana. Through the ACES portal, I received the Provisional ID and password for the State of Andhra Pradesh, whereas my Principle Place of Business is in Telangana? A: Assessees situated in the State of “Telangana”, but incorrectly issued Provisional IDs and passwords for “Andhra Pradesh”, have now been issued new Provisional IDs and passwords for “Telangana”. The previous Provisional IDs and passwords issued for “Andhra Pradesh” have been cancelled, and can no longer […]

STPI Registration


SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY PARKS OF INDIA (STPI) REGISTRATION SERVICES India is one of the world’s biggest powers in Information Technology sector. The role of Software Technology Parks of India is relevant in achieving this status. Now a day’s Software Technology Parks which are spreading across the various parts of India are equipped with state-of-the-art Infrastructure and Statutory facilities targeting at higher development of Information Technology sector in the country. Under the Ministry of Information, the Software Technology Parks of India is called STPI’s is a society Technology. Government of India has the sole motive of encouraging, promoting and supporting the Software Exports from India. Internal engineering resources are being controlled by […]

Business Process Re-Engineering


Business Process Re-Engineering Business process re-engineering (BPR) began as a private sector technique to help organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors. A key stimulus for re-engineering has been the continuing development and deployment of sophisticated information systems and networks. Leading organizations are becoming bolder in using this technology to support innovative business processes, rather than refining current ways of doing work. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is basically the fundamental re-thinking and radical re-design, made to an organization’s existing resources. It is more than just business improvising. For successful execution of the BPR project, Consultant […]

Amalgamation Services


Amalgamation Services Amalgamation is defined in section 2 (1B) of the income tax act 1961 where “Amalgamation is a union of two or more companies, made with an intention to form a new company. “In business, the distinction being that the surviving entity incorporates the asset base of others into its base. Amalgamation is blending of two or more companies. The shareholders of each company would become the shareholders of the company which is undertaking the activity. Amalgamation is an emerging trend of today’s business world. It results in the formation of a new, strong, stable and large company. It also results in the growth and expansion of this newly […]

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