Specific transactions for PAN
Expat Taxation
CA. Kavit Vijay

Specific transactions for which an expatriate will be required to obtain PAN

PAN is an identity provided by the income tax authorities to each taxpaying individual , which is necessary for each one who is needed to file income tax return, and for people who wish to deal in the financial transaction. Expatriates wanting to work in India or to indulge in any business transaction with a company based in India would also need a PAN for such transactions.

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All About New Labour Codes | Labour Code Bills
Labour codes
CA. Sachin Jindal

All about new Labour codes

One of the biggest impacts of the new labour law will be on the take-home salaries, which is expected to reduce, owing to the fact that the government is eyeing increasing contributions towards provident fund (PF) and other post-retirement schemes. The new laws are expected to come into play soon, which will force employers to modify their employee compensations

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Amendment under Income Tax
Finance Budget
CA. Kavit Vijay

Amendment under Income Tax | Finance Bill, 2021-Union Budget

Following are the amendments proposals  in the Finance Bill 2021 1. TDS in case of specified senior citizen and exempt for filing ITR For the ease of compliance , the senior citizens of the country (aged 75 years or above) are proposed to exclude from filing of Income Tax Return subject to fulfilment of following condition: senior citizens must have only Interest Income apart from pension Income. Tax has been deducted under section 194P on such interest Income by the bank. The bank where interest income credited should be the same where pension is credited into the senior citizen’s Account.

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Amendments by The Finance Act, 2020
Income Tax
CA. Kavit Vijay

15 important changes in Income tax applicable from 2020 onwards

Hon’ble Finance Minister presented the Budget for the Year 2020-2021 on 1st February, 2020. This budget was a landmark budget so far as it introduced notable amendments providing major relief across all the sectors, ranging from individuals to the corporates. Amendments were provided for both Income Tax Act and Goods and Service Tax Act and various other important statues.

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