MCA Spice+ form: Register new company | No need to apply separate application for each registration

SPICe+ Form

The Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically Plus(SPICe+) is a new online form that the MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs) has introduced for the incorporation of companies. The new SPICe+ is available from 15th February, replacing the already existing SPICe form as a part of the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB). 

The new form SPICe Plus devotes 10 services via 3 central government departments & ministries (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, Ministry Of Finance, Ministry Of Labour & Department for revenue) and one state government (Maharashtra). 

Now you can apply following registration done with the SPICe+ form, no need to file separate applications for each registration.

  • Company Incorporation
  • Application for DIN
  • TAN Application
  • PAN Application
  • Application for GST Registration
  • EPFO and ESIC Registration
  • Opening of Company Bank Account
  • Profession Tax Registration (For Maharashtra only)

1. What is SPICe Plus and how it is different from SPICe form?

While incorporating a new company, mere registration of the company with MCA is not sufficient. However, a lot of other registrations are prerequisites before commencing business such as PAN, TAN, GST, EPF, bank account opening, etc. 

Under the existing facility of incorporation through SPICe form, MCA provides the facility of PAN, TAN & GST Registration along with incorporation facility. However, through SPICe Plus form, various other registrations have been simplified.

SPICe form is an eform whereas SPICe Plus is an integrated web form that offers around 10 services by 3 Central Govt Ministries & Departments. (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Labour & Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance) and One State Government (Maharashtra), thereby saving as many procedures, time and cost for Starting a Business in India. SPICe+ is part of various initiatives and commitments of the Government of India towards Ease of Doing Business (EODB).

2. What are the various other services rendered through the SPICe Plus form?

SPICe plus is a facilitated version of the consisting SPICe in which it forms an effective version of serving collective requirements like incorporation, name reservation, DIN allotment, obligatory issue of TAN, PAN, ESIC, EPFO, Bank Account Opening & Profession Tax. People can even file SPICe+form to apply for GSTIN.

The newly integrated SPICe+ form has two parts. While Part-A is used only for Name Reservations i.e. new companies the Part-B has several uses. You can get the following things done with Part B of the SPICe+ form,

  • Company Incorporation
  • Application for DIN
  • TAN Application
  • PAN Application
  • Application for GST Registration
  • EPFO and ESIC Registration
  • Opening of Company Bank Account
  • Profession Tax Registration (For Maharashtra only)

3. Frequently Asked Questions

i) Which types of companies can be incorporated through SPICe+ form?

SPICe+ is a contraction for clarified Proforma for assimilating a company electrically & also an application form for lodging/incorporating a company with MCA. It means the company can be any kind of form like Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, one person Company or a producer company.

ii) What is the significance of the new SPICe+ form?

The Government announced the arrival of SPICe+, the advanced integrated form to take measurable actions to increase the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) in India. 

Users can avail far more options with the SPICe Form than the previous one. Once the SPICe plus form gets introduced all the applications such as reservations of a new name, incorporation of the new company will be processed through SPICe+ only.

iii) What is AGILE-PRO?

AGILE signifies Application for Goods and Services identification number and application for several other registrations such as Employees’ State Insurance Corporation and Employees Provident Fund Organisation. 

Previously the INC-35 form was noted as the AGILE form which is now replaced with the new web-based format of the same as AGILE-PRO.

iv) What is Reserve Unique Name (RUN) service?

RUN is the abbreviation used for Reserve Unique Name. New company name reservations and changing names of existing companies used to be the purpose of this web service. With the introduction of the new SPICe+ and AGILE-PRO form, the RUN service is only available for changing the name of the existing companies.

v) How many times modifications to SPICe+ form are allowed?

You can change or modify your details in the new SPICe+ form up to 5 times even after affixing the DSCs and generating pdf.

vi) Is opening bank account compulsory for companies formed through SPICe+?

Yes. Obtaining a bank account is mandatory for all companies incorporating through SPICe+ form. Companies can apply for a bank account through the newly linked AGILE-PRO form.

vii) How many banks have integrated via SPICe+?

As of now, only ICICI bank has integrated with the SPICe+. Hence, companies incorporating through SPICe+ can have their bank account in ICICI bank. Many Private and Public sectors bank will be integrated soon with the system.

viii) What sequence one needs to follow while uploading linked forms to SPICe+ form?

After submitting SPICe+ companies need to maintain the following sequence,

  1. e MOA[if applies]
  2. e AOA[if applies]
  3. URC-1[if applies]
  4. AGILE-PRO[mandatory for all the cases]
  5. INC-9[if applies]

ix) Does refund apply if SPICe+ gets rejected?

Yes, one can get a refund if the SPICe+ gets rejected.

x) Resubmissions are allowed for SPICe+ forms

You can resubmit the SPICe+ form up to twice in case of rejection.

The new SPICe+ forms are very similar to that of the already existing SPICe forms. The SPICe+ forms provide some extra facilities apart from that of the SPICe. 

Companies to file Return for Delayed Payment to MSME

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