STPI Registration


India is one of the world’s biggest powers in Information Technology sector. The role of Software Technology Parks of India is relevant in achieving this status. Now a day’s Software Technology Parks which are spreading across the various parts of India are equipped with state-of-the-art Infrastructure and Statutory facilities targeting at higher development of Information Technology sector in the country.

Under the Ministry of Information, the Software Technology Parks of India is called STPI’s is a society Technology. Government of India has the sole motive of encouraging, promoting and supporting the Software Exports from India.

Internal engineering resources are being controlled by STPI which provides advising, training and implementation services. Network Design, System Integration, Installation, Operations and maintenance of application networks and facilities in varied areas are covered under Services.


Here, the STPI Registration and Consultancy services also involves –

Preparation of application for Custom Private Bonded warehouse under section 58
Permission for manufacturing u/s 65
Obtaining licenses under respective sections of custom Act 1962
Filling bond B-17 for import / indigenous duty free purchases
Registration for Import clearance under S-16
Preparing paper work involving clearing of import consignments from Docks /Cargo /ICDS/CFS under duty exemption schemes
Central Excise registration under rule 9 of Central Excise Rules – 2002
Obtaining necessary NOC from STPI for consignment on every import/indigenous purchase of goods
Preparation & obtaining of CT-3 for duty free indigenous purchases
And other auxiliary matters as well as paper work as required from time to time
I. Application Form in the form prescribed.
II. Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.
III. Board Resolution for setting up STP Unit and persons authorized to sign and submit the application form.
IV. Resume of person heading the operation/CEO.
V. Detailed project report/ Business plan consist of:

Company profile.
Background of Promoters.
Units Area of expertise/Services offered.
Marketing Strategy / marketing Arrangements.
Manpower plan.
Plans for Future.
Brief write up on the parent Company and the activities proposed to be carried out by the
Indian entity. (In case foreign equity participation)
List of proposed Capital goods to be acquired from abroad and within India.
Details of foreign collaborator (whether financial or technical)
Copy of floor plan of the Unit certified by an architect.
Copy of the rent agreement if any.
Copy of invoice of the Internet service provider.
VI. Financials statement like.

Cost of project & Means of finance.
Projected P&L A/C.
Projected Balance Sheet.
Projected Cash flow/fund flow statement.
Export workings- (As per Transfer Pricing guidelines where ever applicable)
Financials for a period of 5 year projecting income from operations, Capital expenditure & cash Flows.
Detail for aggregate foreign exchange comings & outgoings for first 5 years.
Detail for estimated number of employees and wage bill for first 5 years.
Other documents like
Copy of service agreement signed with parent company / clients/ PO with clients/ Master Service Agreement.

What VJM & Associates Offers
We Signs and Marks, a professional business consultant, offers services for opening, or setting up of a company or registering a company in Software Technology Parks of India. We offer adequate service support for STPI Registration Consultancy. With involved companies being 100% tax exempted as per section 10A of Income tax Act, 1961, here our team of experts provides various competitive service supports for establishing of software technology parks in India. The STPI registration services includes preparation of application and project report for –

Registration of units under STPI scheme
Execution/acceptance of LUT
Obtaining Green card

Services we Provide

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