Single Business Entity

Single Business Entity

In a world of increasing complication, simplification is essential. Large companies increasingly need to manage their business(es) from the outlook of Europe as a single market – as if it were a large country. One trading model is the Single Business Entity® (SBE), which simplifies the business, makes business method more efficient and glassy, creates a sound business structure and reduces costs and working capital.

As the first to implement an SBE, we have unique knowledge of everything involved. We take a structured way to implementation based on our Delta Methodology® , which contains all the Solution Packages and templates needed for every phase of an productive, efficient SBE implementation.

We define the stages muddled, determine and help implement business process changes and assist in organisational redesign, design the IT enterprise structure and offer tax models to define the fiscal impact of the SBE.

Some of clients choose not to implement one SBE for Europe, but an SBE for each region in Europe, e.g. Mid-Europe, Iberia, the Nordic countries etc. This is called a Regional Business Entity (RBE). For clients whose first interest is in optimising the structure in one country, we have implemented Country Business Entities (CBE).

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