Shared Service Center

Shared Service Center

Traditionally companies, in particular large multinational organizations, have been structured in vertically accumulated business units which concentrate on specific market and product combos Whereas this structure has and will continue to provide the requisite level of customer intimacy, performing generic business support processes within the limits of a business unit often leads to a sub optimization of cost performance to share services across business units. Instances of shared business (support) processes across business units are finance & administration, acquirement, commercial services and planning.

In addition to achieving cost reductions and economies of scale, centralized sharing of services can also simplify, symphonize and normalize quality. European or global business processes, enhance its transparency, permit faster integration of new processes, strengthen the internal sharing of knowledge and experience and increase the focus of business units on core competences.

What VJM & Associates Offers

One key area of VJM & Associates expertise is designing and achieving Shared Service Centres. We define the stages involved, indicate the business changes needed and how to implement them, provide assistance in organizational reassemble and in defining the legal and fiscal prospects and implications.

We use VJM & Associates change Power method to help manage the modifications involved. Proper Planned implementation of SSC’s is based on our Delta Methodology, which contains all the Solution Packages and templates required for every phase of the implementation

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